Thanks to DONCASTER CITY COUNCIL for helping towards costs for the DONCASTER lads trip to JAPAN

sumo sumo s

British Sumo

TEL 07503362603



Next event is in Taunton, Somerset on Sunday 16th July, 2017 from 1 o'clock till 4 o'clock approx.

Fightworx Academy

Unit 12a,
12 County walk,


Tel: 07980 796677

This is Open to anybody over 18, men and women and any weight.

Lots of instruction followed by a little competition (if you want to)

A Sumo grade will be awarded.


Mandeep Kundi will be competing in the US Open at Long Beach California on June 17th, 2017





19th July

Had a great training session at the Derby Headquarters. Probably the most productive since the days of Big Elvis, Bill Etherington and Simon Smith. A really enjoyable session, no injuries, and the Master winning one or two fights........ Jo, a rugby prop, did really well.


26th July

Great training session....the Master suffered a bit this week as the lads learned from the previous week . Mike coming out like a bullet now and Brad simply invincible. Joe improving BIG TIME..................... but I'll kick his ass next week....................... or perhaps I wont be able to!!!!


2nd August, 2015

Great session, new girl Jo did well and Hali trained hard. Joe steadily improving.


9th August

Big Neil joined the lads to step up their training for the Worlds. Mike starting superbly and the Master could not touch him today. Joe making rapid progress and will win medels next year.


15th August

Mike, Brad and Neil training hard today. Neil improving. Brad very powerful. Mike simply destroying The Master!!

Will have to have a Masters tournament when they come back from the Worlds.

23 rd August

Big Kim Humphriss is threatening to come down and give the lads some opposition before they jet off to Osaka.

Kim is around 170 KG now and was certainly in the team with Elvis one year at a Tokyo World Championships

2nd September

The lads returned from the World Championships. Bad fought superbly against a Georgian who eventually won the Bronze. A tough fight that could of gone either way .

Mike got off to a cracking start, doing everything right against a very tough Thai lad who looked very good. He then lost out to the Japanese winner. His next opponent was the heaviest guy in the comp, the New Zealand representative who just edged out our man.



TEL 07503362603